House of Worship

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Danley Sound Labs employees have always made it our goal to produce the best audio product available for houses of worship across the globe. We have the deepest commitment to and relationship with churches and organizations of all sizes. In fact, our company began to build its reputation based on the services we provided for houses of worship, and we have not forgotten our humble beginnings. Because we know sound, we know how to handle the physical challenges that some church setups produce, and we will work with you to ensure that your word and the Word come across with clarity and resonance.

And while Danley Sound Labs has helped produce quality services for some of the largest and most well-known congregations on the globe, we equally enjoy working for smaller and more established congregations – no matter where you may be located.



The SM100, which is designed to provide wide coverage and high directivity, is equipped with a wide horn mouth that enables considerable directivity and front-to-back rejection. It is a popular choice among houses of worship for FOH.

Danley Sound Labs SM100 event feature