Touring and Production

Danley’s progressive approach to the physics of audio means our products waste nothing, be it time, space, energy or financial concerns. Danley’s advanced technology ensures any performance, live or recorded, simple or complex will sound as pure as possible.

We provide FREE proprietary software giving an accurate visual representation of actual achievable SPL and pinpoint directionality, allowing immaculate pre planning. Sound is Everything can help you choose the right tools for your inventory.

Innovative, highly efficient designs ensure our products are easy to handle, pack effectively for transport, use surprisingly little electricity so you can offer a greener solution, less generators and a lower carbon footprint.

Our commitment to exemplary service and quality manufacturing ensures achieving the best possible setup, time after time for many years to come



For the Australian staging or touring customer, this means dramatically fewer cabinets and amplifiers to get the desired performance—saving you time and money.

Also known as the “Rock Monster”, the TH812 delivers extremely high sensitivity, low frequency extension, and power handling never before found in a single subwoofer cabinet.

Danley Sound Labs TH812 feature