Theme Parks

Danley Sound Labs understands the whole range of unique needs presented by theme parks. Whether you are making park-wide announcements, providing the atmosphere on a ride or experience, or simply broadcasting music designed to add to the sense of wonder felt by patrons, there are myriad reasons why you need to deliver quality sound in very targeted and specific methods.

We have a scientific understanding of how sound works, and that is part of the reason why we design products capable of delivering the best audio on the market. The other reason is a commitment to excellence in both production and customer support. All of our products are made from quality materials in an environmentally friendly method. And our representatives are also committed to working with you to help you achieve the exact sound and result that you seek.

It is that commitment that has allowed Danley to provide audio needs for some of the most well-recognized and heavily visited theme parks around the world. Our clients understand that no matter what, we will get the job done – and make sure that it stays that way. And we are always excited to show new clients just what we can do to enhance their patrons’ experience. Danley audio makes its mark worldwide, and we want to do so for you.