March 23, 2022

Danley and Dynacord Announce Strategic Alignment

Professional audio industry leaders Danley and Dynacord are teaming up to bring complementary product combinations to the global marketplace.
Danley Sound Labs Dynacord amplifier

In what has been termed a “strategic alignment,” US-based Danley Sound Labs – renowned for advanced loudspeaker technology – and Germany-based Dynacord – an audio electronics pioneer for over 70 years – recently announced that they will be utilizing each other’s strengths to offer state-of-the-art sound system solutions. Danley loudspeakers will now be powered and optimized by Dynacord amplifiers, digital signal processing and sound system software. Danley loudspeaker settings will be available for all Dynacord amplifiers.

“This is a big step forward for us, and we’re very excited about this development,” says Mike Hedden, Danley’s Chief Steward in Charge. “Working with Dynacord will change people’s perspective when they think about Danley, as it allows us to go wider and deeper with our product offerings.” Dynacord, part of the Bosch Group, is equally energized by the opportunity to work closely with Danley. “Danley has a particularly strong following in the United States, and they are also known around the world, so we’re excited to link together,” comments Dynacord Marketing Manager Robert Ferguson. “They are an engineering-driven company, as is Dynacord, and that approach is what makes us a great fit.”

The relationship positions Danley and Dynacord to grow their unique and proprietary technologies together in both familiar and fresh markets. “This strategic alignment will open a lot of doors,” says Skip Welch, Danley’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Dynacord is a technology leader, and we see their sonic excellence and software innovation as assets to Danley users. Additionally, Dynacord has some products that we do not currently offer, which will also allow us to have extensive options while maintaining our high quality standards.”

“Danley loudspeakers have a reputation for sound quality, while also providing the coverage and output required to fill entire stadiums and arenas with fewer individual loudspeakers,” Ferguson adds. “Now, when they are powered by Dynacord amps and mixers, it will be the best of both worlds. This alignment brings these advanced technologies to an expanding international customer base with an exceptional value proposition.”

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