About Sound Is Everything

Husband and wife team, Hugo and Sally, both have a long running passion for all things sound and believe that 'music is the universal language of feeling'. Our mission is to offer this truth in the purest form to as many people as possible, and we believe we have discovered the best way to achieve this here in Australia.

Sound is Everything Danley Sound Labs Hugo and Sally

Husband and Wife Team

Team work definitely does make the dream work, and we are blessed to know that we can both flourish and shine doing what we love best.

Together we wish to bring pleasure to your audio senses, and hope that our family sound business will be carried on by our beautiful children, to continue the quest for a brighter future filled with amazing sound. 

Our shared values and ultimately our brand ethos has enabled us to cultivate the most amazing team of skilled professionals, who also share a love for quality sound.

Our team are wholeheartedly dedicated to giving our ‘ALL’ to creating memorable and lasting sound experiences. 

A little bit of History​

Sally grew up with a Brisbane based family audio business, focusing on high end European hi-fi stereo equipment.

Her father was well known in the industry, and devoted to audio and sound, installing PA systems at large entertainment facilities around Australia, mixing live big bands and pioneered the concept of ‘home theatres’, later supporting the development of home automation.

Coming from a lineage of golden ears, her discernment for quality is exemplary and her love for Danley speakers is a natural evolution from a lifetime of refined sound. Her meticulous nature and attention to detail are a sure recipe for finding the perfect turnkey solutions to your audio dreams.

Hugo is well known for his abilities to tune any system to perfection, with a vast experience cultivated over many years.

He has produced, mixed, tuned and tweaked from the heart for decades. With a strong passion to provide quality audio for the masses, alongside his ability to polish the best out of any sound system and acoustic space, he also has a genuine willingness to share his knowledge and skills.

There is no limit to how technical he can go, which is a valuable asset to any sound enthusiast whether just beginning the journey, or a total audio/tech devotee with advanced knowledge and skills. After a lifetime dedicated to quality sound, you can confidently know that the discovery of Danley speakers is something to be revered.

Or as Hugo would suggest, “Have a listen, and make your own decision”