About Danley

“Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven.” – Walter Savage Landor

Tom Danley Signature Series with ILE Model

Creating Audio Experiences

Danley Sound Labs built its global reputation on designing the most technologically innovative audio products on the market. Led by co-founders Tom Danley and Mike Hedden, Danley is known for producing powerful sound systems that generate crystal clear sound that can serve large crowds, including attendees at houses of worship, stadiums, arenas, and other venues. However, they have also displayed their quality and commitment to customer service in several other ventures, including in theme parks, clubs and hospitality, performing arts centres, cinemas, and with touring and production pursuits.

Established in 2005

Founded in 2005, Danley Sound Labs enjoyed immediate success – thanks in large part to the innovation and proprietary knowledge that Tom Danley put to work for the company. Always a hands-on and curious visionary, Tom brought that pioneering spirit to Danley Sound Labs.

As a youth, Tom was always attracted to sound as a musician and then electronic technician. And yet his curiosity and inventive nature led him much further afield, as he went on to work for companies that took part in a wide range of projects. All the while Tom kept inventing, piling up almost 20 patents that would be included in research connected to high powered acoustic levitator, ground zero bombing simulations, active noise cancellation of jet engines, critical listening mastering studios, live sound, and commercial/high-end home theatres and houses of worship around the world. While Danley Sound Labs built its initial customer base with those houses of worship, Tom’s abilities and innovations led us to construct audio products – including loudspeakers, subwoofers and other components – now unrivaled in numerous settings.

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Danley Founded

Tom Danley partners with entrepreneur Mike Hedden.


The SH100

Danley’s Synergy Horn™ concept is implemented into the SH100 – Danley’s first product and is intended for use in 300-seat churches.

November 2005

The SH50

The SH50 is launched and used both the Synergy Horn and the Tapped Horn technologies to deliver coherent sound down to 50 Hz with an output pattern of 50° × 50°.

March 2007

The Matterhorn

Danley Sound Labs produces the Matterhorn, a single subwoofer made from an intermodal shipping container. The Matterhorn is designed to meet a military specification and is known as the World’s Biggest Subwoofer.


Shaded Amplitude Lens™

Danley’s Shaded Amplitude Lens technology, patented in 2009, uses vanes to deflect portions of the high frequency driver output so that the different paths produce an output pattern appropriate for large venues, such that the farther audience hears much the same amplitude and sound fidelity as the near audience.


The Jericho Horn™

The Jericho Horn is a 4-way design employing six 18-inch drivers for the lows, six 6-inch drivers for the low mids, and two mid-high frequency drivers each of which carries 2-way high frequencies. The Jericho Horn incorporates Danley’s patented Shaded Amplitude Lens technology.


Paraline™ Patent Filed

Danley filed a patent for DSL’s Paraline Technology, a method of combining the output of multiple high frequency drivers into a common output chamber or horn. The waves are routed through multiple passageways defined by parallel partitions of gradient sizes.

June 2019

A Pioneer of AV

In 2019 Danley was recognized as an audio industry pioneer by AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association. Danley received the Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award at the InfoComm convention held in Orlando, Florida.

Our Technology

Because of Tom’s continued mission of pushing sonic boundaries, which he did with the creation of Danley’s Synergy Horn™, Tapped Horn™, Paraline™ and Jericho Horn™ speakers and subwoofers, Danley continues to create new innovations in sound. Currently, new products are being developed for venues as well as home theater and studio use.

Tom continues to move the company forward with an equally committed staff of brilliant technicians and entrepreneurs. That commitment to quality is a cornerstone in everything we do – in technology and customer service.